We are ready to state the running culture with this brand new Project came out from Volt Floyd minds. 42for42 project will be the milestone for the city runners in İstanbul, and of course all around Turkey. İstanbul Marathon which is held every November is famous to unite continents but at the same time it is insufficient to connect the people.

For our opinion every human being must experience marathon once in a lifetime. Around that opinion we will give life to 42for42 project. Our trigger point is to change quality and perception of the İstanbul marathon.


42 determined people is ready to bright the potential of the marathon in İstanbul. By the way the number of 42 is a symbolic meaning for us. We’re expecting many more people in November to run for marathon.

The first aim of our is to destroy the perception of “ Running in Istanbul Marathon is useless.” The most efficient property of İstanbul Marathon as you know is uniting the continents of Europe and Asia by the help of the 15th July Bridge. Unfortunately we can’t explain our marathon to our beloved citizens. We believe that there is diversity of language among the runners and non-runners. We are defining a new alphabet called “running culture”. What we are going to is using this alphabet for communicating people each other. By the help of 42for42 project we can manage to spread running culture large amount of people. We did a marathon development report again with the help of that new language and trying to take attention of marathon authorities.

It is a fact that every marathoner is changing while they are passing the finish line. We claim that the Project of 42for42 is going to be a tool spreading the running culture in İstanbul,Turkey.


Since June of 2018 we had a lot time to turn this idea into a Project. First thing first we explained the effects of the 42for42 project to our runners .The people are thrilled to join to our Project in both cities of İstanbul and İzmir (we have two running crews both of the cities of İstanbul and İzmir.) We registered people to İstanbul marathon without losing time. Next step was to build a marathon training program.We’re still in a training program till the marathon day.

Now we are trying to reach to people as may as we can. It means that the Project is open to develop till the last day.

After marathon start we are going to move as one huge system not 42 individuals. Every kilometer we provide cycling units for food and moral. They will keep the race pace, with the helping of pacers all around the marathon course.Also we can navigate all of the runners on map real time. The last but not the least is our grand cheer zone which will be situated the exit of Gulhane Park which is one kilometer away from the finish. We will scream our ass off in that zone for last drop of energy they need.

Adding to these, we are planning to create a M-Tag(Marathon Tag) for every runner. How many gels did he/she used? What is the most significant moment for him/her? It will be fulled of these type of questions and answers. It will be a certificate of the marathon for them. The most beautiful thing of this planning session, it is alive and it is open to develop every second till the marathon.


Unfortunately we did not have magic stick for all of these. But the effect that we are trying to make is mystical and heroic in many ways. We will witness the transformation of kinetic energy of runners to synergy and inspiring people. The real question is “why can’t marathon change while the runners are changing?” The first aim that we want to effect is the character of the marathon.

Marathon value bounds with the amount of the people that follow. Marathon course can change, maybe the marketing budget of marathon can increase somehow.

We usually complain about the things that we irritate. But not this time. We are determined to change things about marathon as Volt Floyd, ready to do it.

Reaching one person is a victory for us. Now think for thousands of them.

Marathon Development Report:

The Course:

Marathon course is kindly boring due to other marathons around the World. We want to change the course and to make marathon day becoming a festival. Here are some alternate routes that we found.

Beylerbeyi - 15 Temmuz Şehitler Köprüsü - Beşiktaş - Bebek - İstinye - Tarabya - Kireçburnu - Tarabya - İstinye - Bebek - Beşiktaş - Dolmabahçe - Vodafone Park.

Beylerbeyi - 15 Temmuz Şehitler Köprüsü - Beşiktaş - Bebek - İstinye - Tarabya - İstinye - Bebek - Beşiktaş - Karaköy - Eminönü - Gülhane Parkı - Sultanahmet.

Beylerbeyi - 15 Temmuz Şehitler Köprüsü - Beşiktaş - Bebek - Baltalimanı - Emirgan Sonu - Baltalimanı, Bebek - Beşiktaş - Karaköy - Eminönü - Balat - Eyüp Sultan - Balat - Eminönü - Gülhane Parkı Sultanahmet.

Fun Zones

We think that motivator scenes around the course will make great effects to runners.Dj gigs, amateur or Professional music bands, acrobatic groups can make the difference. We experienced a lot of marathon races around the World and most of them have dozens of fun zones. You can find the stats below about the fun zones.

You can find the stats below about the fun zones.

    • Berlin Marathon100%
    • Stockholm Marathon22%
    • Marine Corps Marathon27%
    • Istanbul Marathon6%

Running Distance Alternatives

We think that , 21k half marathon race can be a alternate course for 15k.

Runners in 15k section can easily complete the half marathon. 15k distance is a rare type of race around the World. So we can have an alternate half marathon beside the one is helding in April.

Here are some examples around the World.

People March

We think that people march in marathon day can be removed or organised one day before the race as a marketing element of the real race. So the people in İstanbul can aware of the marathon much more efficiently.

Sorting the runners due to previous race results

The system can collect the results of former marathons of runners while registration. On race day, the authorities of the race can control the runners due to race results. So the start of the race will be much efficient.


After the finish medals must be hung the runners necks not be in a plastic bag. Marathon is a mental war between race and the human mind. This little difference can ease the barrier of mental front lines. As a second issue, every year the model of the medal is same. In our opinion, a medal designing compition can be organised , so this rutin of the same medal type can change. Here are some examples for you around the World.

Control on the bridge:

Anyone unauthorized in the bridge must be swiped of before the race. There must be strict control of passing vehicles on the bridge. These are really important issues to solve about the İstanbul Marathon.

Nutrition during the race

The checkpoints in the parkour must be fulled ofwater, energy gels, fruits, energy drinks etc. These are the most efficient way to hold the energy level of a runner up.

Nutrition after the race:

If you can make the amount of food and water higher after the race, trust us it will be a memory to remember. For example Stockholm and Roma Marathon are famous for their nutrition areas after the race.

Possible Race Scenario of the year of 2023

İstanbul Marathon has been completed wit the title of “No violence to women” with the participating of 33 thousands of runners and 240 thousands of supporters.It was a great atmosphere before the race in spite of cloudy weather. This year the course of Marathon has been change through the Tarabya cost and there were great moments to see. Supporters of the marathon cheered all the way up during the marathon. If you want let’s focus the what happened in the race. The start of the race and the first kilometers are very steady and calm. Combine of the Kenyan, Ethiopian, Egyptian, British and Turkish athletes formed the front group. Kiprotich from Kenya has injured at the kilometer of 25. Kenyan athlete paces the race till 36th KMs. In final 5 KMs the athletes are passing through Dolmabahce there are only three athletes in the leading group. Kimetto, Galep Rupp and Ercan (Turkish National Marathoner) are competing with each others to finish line at first. G Rupp speeds up and now he leads race. Watching this athletes are really rushing our adrenaline. Kimetto and Ercan are hardly follows pace sets by Rupp at the moment. Kimetto attacks to leave behınd Rupp and outrun the race by Gulhane Park Exit. The distance between Ercan and the leading atheles Kimetto and Rupp is about 50m and all they are heading to finish in Sultanahmet Square. The running crew Volf Floyd laud Ercan Name with hilarious chant. We would like to inform you that Ercan used to be running with this crew, Vf in his earlier professional years. Ercan now attacks and speeds up to lead race, OMG he left behind Rupp and Kimmetto. It is the first time since 1992 a Turkish athlete won marathon title in Istanbul. We congratulate Ercan and we strongly believe that the title he gained will be milestone in Turkish athletics history to move forward at a fast pace.


How to support Istanbul Marathon Massive Project #42for42


Marathon is a very long distance and endurance race. For this reason, even the slightest effect to bring motivation to the top is very important. Even if you are not attending Marathon, you can go out and support the marathoners that day. Be assured that this support for people running will provide an undisclosed motivation. At the same time we will be at the exit of Gülhane Park at the last kilometer of the race. If you participate in "Cheer Zone", you will make us very happy. You can bring all sorts of creative banners and currency to your side and take the motivation to a higher level.


If you believe in my # 42for42 project and you think you will change the marathon character positively, please contact them if you are already able to help, even if you can not help with this project. Together we will tell people about our project. As much viral structures we can assume, that much we will receive support. In this context, you can also use your social media accounts to support the project. You will be able to make more people aware of the # 42for42 project through sharing.

Art for Society:

Volt Floyd # plans to serve the running community with 42for42 project. Visuality is very important for the runners as it is in many subjects. If you are interested in graphic design, graffiti, fine arts or photography, please contact us if you know anything about filmmaking, editing, montage. Throughout the project, all of our creative approaches to making our voice heard are open to the end of our day. We think that we should use the visual of our own city for our own marathon. Thanks to you, we have the idea that we can tell marathon stories more effectively to people. Your support is really important for us.


We can see gradually that wisely ideas that are being supported in our country. The # 42for42 project is a project that excites us that we have put forward for our running culture. If you share this excitement as well as we are, and if you want to give financial support, we are happy to exchange views on how to best use your brand and your name. It is our part to support each person moves into this change. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any communication.

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