F4ntome x Volt Floyd Collab | Sweet Party | Female Black Cotton Finisher Crop Tee
August 11, 2020
F4ntome x Volt Floyd Collab | Exclusive Drop | Nike Men Black Running Short
August 11, 2020
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F4ntome x Volt Floyd Collab | Black Tomato | French Design Nike Black Male Running Tee



Main idea for the BDU design was to keep Nike Heritage as a starting point.

So, we set out from the quote of Bill Bowerman, one of the founders of AW, which refers to the fact that running is a lifelong lifestyle and that it cannot end in any particular time period, which means there is no finish line!

On the other hand, we couldn’t help thinking that it might be dissappointing for other runners who are locked on the target during a race to see a letter stating that there is no finish line. But to complete it by a reference to Miles Davis song “so what?” makes it a more rebellious and motivating discourse.

The smiley face symbol we chose was actually inspired by the smiling sun design from Denmark’s Anne Lund, which became iconic with the anti-nuclear energy in the 70s, which was identified with “saying no in creative way”.

Together with all of these, our new face has evolved into a design that carries many global messages in three languages, Japanese, Danish and English.

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Danish, English, Japanese