The word that we want to come to mind when it's used. For over four years we are trying to spread and to develop running culture in Turkey. Since we began, there is big difference to motive us between past and current numbers of the running communities and runners in Turkey. But the speed of the developing doesn't satisfy us enough now. We need your help to spread the culture faster. If you wonder more, then #DigItOut Cause #WeAreHere !

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5-8 April '19


Project #42for42

Istanbul Marathon without a finish line? A bold and independent project has been taken for the 40th Istanbul Marathon which will take place in November. The project belongs to independent running community Volt Floyd. With this project they want to improve the İstanbul Marathon and to spread the running culture in Turkey. The starting point of the project, which they call the # 42for42, is the 40th Istanbul Marathon. There isn't an end point of the project this time. Volt Floyd started out from the question of how the Istanbul Marathon could be among the major marathons. Projects presents the alternatives of how the organization's deficiencies and mistakes can be changed and how it can contribute to the marathon. They think that change is primarily through raising awareness among participants. The name of the project comes from the effect they think they will create this awareness. The #42for42 comes from 42 community members of Volt Floyd who will run 42-kilometer distance at the Istanbul Marathon. They start a marathon of change which has no finish line with the Project #42for42 on November 11.

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